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Dredging Experience - The Papa of Invention

CrossWorks products are the brain child of Leslie Cross, a third generation dredging contractor.  He learned the business from his father and his grandfather.  After obtaining a Civil Engineering degree he built a successful dredging business from the ground up.  He began with a traditional dragline, and then pioneered the use of Toyo hydraulic pumps for commercial dredging purposes.  With his two daughters, he has created a new tool of the trade to the business he grew up in, and created a system that will change the dredging industry for the better.

born on the bayou - raised on site

CrossWorks systems were born and raised in Louisiana's new coastal economy and so were we.   Louisiana's growing water sector is an emerging part of the American economy that relies on the expertise of coastal restoration and management construction gained by its proximity to wetlands, rivers and coasts.


First hand experience with the pros and cons of both traditional hydraulic dredges and conventional draglines, led to the birth of a new  technology, which combined the best of both.  CrossWorks is building on a tradition, to create for a  better stronger coast.

Leslie Cross

Meredith Cross - Oubre


Family Tradition

For generations the Cross family has been blessed to learn about the dredging business from their parents and then watch their children build upon the legacy left to them. The knowledge we have gained through the experiences we have had are countless.  Each generation has guided the next to continue, to grow, to become something better than the last.  CrossWorks is continuing that tradition by having created the most efficient, the most innovative and the most cost-effective dredging process possible, and have a little fun while doing it.  Dredge Deeper.  Dredge Efficient.  Dredge Different.

Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge.


- Mahatma Gandhi -

We're not just a Team, we're a family

Leslie m. cross

Director of Product Development


Leslie has 44 years of experience in the dredging industry as a dredging contractor. Les Pioneered the use of TOYO Pumps in the dredging industry, and was first to utilize them for commercial dredging applications in the United States.  His role with the company includes the supervision of research and development and supervision of outside engineering, along with consultation services to customers as necessary. Contact: lmcross@crossworksusa.com

Heather A. Cross

Managing Director and General Counsel


Heather has 17 years of legal experience, with construction litigation included therein. Undergraduate degree and work experience in mass communications with emphasis in advertising.  Role with the company includes strategic planning, management of day to day operations, outside sales, and legal representation of company. Contact:  hcross@crossworksusa.com

Meredith Cross-oubre

Managing Director of Internal Operations


Meredith has 20 years of experience in the dredging industry including human resources, marketing, inventory, sales, and payroll.  Her role with the company includes information management, human resources, and marketing. 
Contact:  mcoubre@crossworksusa.com

Dredging for over 45 years


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