Dredge Deeper.

Dredge Efficient.

Dredge Different.

Dredging Different

At CrossWorks we build dredges that are different because they are versatile.  Many manufacturers build equipment that may be used for dredging, land reclamation, marina dredging, mining, river dredging and sand mining but no one else builds one tool that may be used for each of these applications.

Dredging different - one Tool.  Many talents.

  • CrossWorks’ products are the only hydraulic dredges that dredge in a pattern similar to a dragline or excavator.
  • Limited moving parts on CrossWorks products make them less likely to wear or break.
  • The dredge pump is suspended directly in the material to be dredged as opposed to on the surface vessel making the CrossWorks products capable of pumping higher solids concentrations.
  • The ease of operation, compared to a hydraulic cutter-head lends itself to a wider labor market.
  • It is possible to purchase one piece of CrossWorks equipment that would last indefinitely, and combine with other equipment that may be leased as necessary, or which may be combined with equipment you already own.

We know that no two jobs are the same

CrossWorks systems were created with the versatility to fit any application.  One tool.  Many talents.  Call us today to get your project moving in the right direction.  Dredge Efficient.  Dredge Deeper.

Applications:  Lake Dredging. Land Reclamation. River Dredging.  Marina Dredging. Sand Mining. Ash Ponds.  Coastal Restoration.  Environmental Remediation.  Deep Dredging.

Over the river and through the woods . . . Wherever you need to go.


Water is the driving force of all nature

- Leonardo  da Vinci  -

Our Commitment

CrossWorks’ commitment to dredging, runs as deep as we can dredge.


Commitment to your business:  At CrossWorks it is our sole mission to make cost-effective dredges that can move more material, in less time.

Commitment to R&D: CrossWorks has invested substantial funds in research and development, and has committed another year to product development in partnership with its early customers.

Commitment to the Environment: CrossWorks systems address many limitations identified by the EPA and the USACE on the ability of other dredging equipment to fix environmental problems.

Commitment to the American Worker:  CrossWorks equipment is made in the USA.  CrossWorks is committed to its location in the state of Louisiana because of the wide array of skilled fabricators and the skills and expertise by Louisiana’s unique access to wetlands, rivers and coastal terrain.

consultation Available

customizable for you

We can apply our 45 years of experience in excavation, to help you to use our equipment or any dredging equipment  to make the most money for your business

We are coming up with new ideas all the time, and if we haven't already built a solution, we will work with you to help you customize a system for your needs


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