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CrossOver Dredge System

The CrossOver Dredge System is a patented dredging system that incorporates a method conceived by its inventor Les Cross.   It harnesses the power of the TOYO Dredge Pump into one portable, cost-effective, deep-dredging package.  This multi-functional system employs the operational dredge pattern of a dragline where the pump is pulled toward the operator. However, it is a hydraulic dredge so it can pump solids over long distances, eliminating barge or truck hauling costs.  All that, and its capable of moving more material than a cutter-head, in less time!  CALL US TODAY!  337-359-4490

  • Fast mobilization reduces costs
  • Single truck transport
  • Assembled in less than one day

Crossover dredge System

The CrossOver Dredge System doesn’t leave its pumping power on the deck of the surface vessel, instead the dredge pump is deployed directly into the sediment you want to move.  No dredge, no excavator on the market is comparable to the CrossOver Dredge.  It’s so simple to operate, you don’t have to hire a dredging contractor, you can become one!


  • 10" submersible 150 HP Dredge pump deployed directly into the sediment you need to move
  • Pump is customizable with a cutter or jet ring and is capable of moving sands to hard clays
  • Deployment designed to maximize speed, accuracy and effectiveness of pump
  • Deploying pump into sediment means all Hp dedicated to moving material
  • Pump deployed by cable – not rigid, restrictive ladder
  • Pump may be used in currents without risk to damage to equipment
  • Deep water deployment of 60' and over without sacrificing effectiveness of pump or portability of system
  • The deeper the deployment, the more efficient the pump, relative to surface mounted pumps
  • Operable in remote or land locked settings
  • Cheaper to acquire, own and operate
  • Ease of operation reduces training costs and variance in operator skill
  • Operator may continue to pump material even while pivoting the dredge
  • Pump solids concentrations superior to slurries of typical cutter-head
  • Hydraulic pumping of material reduces transportation costs
  • Possible to equip with GPS to monitor and measure results


Over 45 years of dredging experience has taught us a thing or two about playing in mud.

"The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful."

-e.e. cummings -


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