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CrossCutter Dredge Pump

CrossCutter Dredge Pump unifies a powerful 8 inch compact dredge pump with a cutter designed to be attached to an ordinary excavator, for extraordinary results.  CALL US TODAY!  337-359-4490

Crosscutter dredge Pump

An excavator is one of the most widely available, and commonly used pieces of heavy construction equipment on the market today. The CrossCutter dredge pump allows you to combine the simplicity and convenience of an excavator with a powerful dredge pump and cutter.

  • Pump is powered by the excavator itself
  • Combination of the pump with the cutter allows for the easy removal from soft sands to hard clay
  • The dredged material can be pumped over long distances to disposal sites reducing transportation costs
  • The dredge is operated like a excavator, increasing the amount of operators who are able to use it
  • Many businesses already own, or may lease excavators, reducing acquisition costs
  • Because the excavator is commonly used it may reduce variance in results produced by the skill of a dredge operator
  • May be outfitted with GPS equipment to monitor and measure results




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