Dredge Deeper.

Dredge Efficient.

Dredge Different.


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CrossWorks builds dredging equipment systems for heavy civil engineering contractors, environmental remediation contractors and sand and gravel miners.  We know these businesses need more efficient equipment that can dredge deeper and can be transported to many types of terrains.    CrossWorks’ systems combine the deployment pattern of a traditional dragline with the pumping capabilities of a hydraulic cutter head dredge to create the most cost-effective dredging process possible.  DREDGE DEEPER.  DREDGE EFFICIENT. DREDGE DIFFERENT.

CrossWorks makes cost-effective earth moving equipment systems that make more money for its customers.  One Tool.  Many Talents.

CrossWorks' can help any business that needs earth moving equipment, even those who aren't dredgers. 
One Tool.  Many Talents.


With standard equipment rated to work at depths of 150ft., you can boldly dredge where no dredge has gone before.  One Tool.  Many Talents.

Over 45 years of dredging experience has taught us a thing or two about playing in the mud.

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